The Most Traded Pairs in 2017

The EUR/USD remains the world s most traded currency pair. While there are many variables involved, such as the European debt crisis and the ongoing trade war, the EUR/USD tends to trade in predictable uptrends and downtrends. Furthermore, this currency pairs respects trendlines, support and resistance, and has relatively clean breakouts. The current uptrend in EUR/USD is expected to continue through Q3 of 2017.

Although more than 50% of all Forex trades involve the US dollar, there are many other currency pairs that traders use to diversify their portfolios. The most popular of these are the EUR/USD, the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, and the Chinese yuan CNY.

While the most popular currency pairs are those trending over the long term, the most profitable currency pairs are those that have seen the highest volatility in recent days. One of the most popular and easiest Forex pairs to trade is EUR/USD, as it has the lowest spreads and has an excellent history of reliable trends. In addition to the EUR/USD, other popular currencies include the Japanese Yen, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, and Hong Kong Dollar.

The Pound-Yen pair is another one that has a reputation for high volatility. To avoid getting hurt by extreme volatility, it is best to trade this pair with lower leverage than normal. The Pound will drive the trend in GBPJPY in 2017; however, the Yen will have an impact on Geppy. This pair will have more volatility in 2017, as the Pound is likely to continue its political and diplomatic war with North Korea.

While USD/GBP sets the US dollar against the pound of the United Kingdom, USD/CHF is the US dollar against the Swiss franc. These currencies are based on commodities such as meat, eggs, wood, and honey, and therefore their value can fluctuate with changes in prices. The British pound is also paired with the Japanese yen, and its value is heavily affected by the price of oil.

The volatility of currency pairs is difficult to compile, and each pair has its own particular drivers. Volatility can increase or decrease based on factors like interest rate differentials, inflation, and geopolitics. Some of these drivers can even make some pairs volatile, like AUD/JPY, due to their strong inverse relationship. If you want to make money by trading in these currencies, keep an eye out for these trends and don t forget to use social media as a way to stay ahead of the game as negotiations continue.

Gold is the most popular pair of all, but you can also make money on any of them. It is an excellent investment for many investors. The price is correlated to the Daily Sentiment Index, which shows that gold is a popular currency among traders. In fact, Gold has become the most popular currency pair since the 1970s. And since gold has been growing in popularity for decades, there are many people who are taking advantage of the price of gold.