Preventing Money Laundering at CVS

In an effort to prevent money laundering, CVS has taken several steps to combat The Most Traded Pairs in 2017 problem. For example, every time a customer purchases a prepaid card or gift card, they must read a warning about scams. If the card is $300 or higher, customers must show identification before completing the transaction. Also, the company limits purchases to $2,000 per day.

CVS investigators tracked the shipments to a warehouse in Concord, Calif., and ran the address through an online database. One business stood out: D-Luxe. CVS investigators sought details about the business, but Amazon declined to provide this information. Eventually, police raided the warehouse, and found approximately $8 million worth of over-the-counter Is Jason Stapleton a Credible Forex Trader and $85,000 in cash.

CVS investigators also tracked down three shoplifters in late 2017. The shoplifters had worked for Atlanta-based business owner Robert Whitley. The CVS investigators worked with the U.S. Postal Service and FBI to trace the group. The four teams worked together for two years to trace the shoplifters.